Justice unseen; justice done?

Posted in justice by allovermcr on May 7, 2009

Peter Wilby writes in the New Statesman (towards the end of the piece) about the Pakistani men arrested recently in anti-terror raids, several in Cheetham Hill, against whom all charges were dropped. Of the 12 men arrested, 11 are now in the control of the UK Borders Agency with deportation a likely outcome.

The men now face having their cases heard in secret tribunals which demand lower standards of proof than public courts of law. For more on how this follows the failure of ministers to act on the recommendation of the Chilcot report that intercept evidence be revealed in court, read the Wilby piece. But this is hardly a fine example of the British justice system at work .


It’s a mystery

Posted in policing by allovermcr on April 21, 2009

AOM is looking forward to further details emerging about the release of nine men arrested over a suspected Easter terrorist attack, some arrested in Cheetham Hill.

A Home Office spokesman is quoted as saying:

“We are seeking to remove these individuals on grounds of national security. The government’s highest priority is to protect public safety. Where a foreign national poses a threat to this country we will seek to exclude or to deport, where this is appropriate.”

This raises several questions. If they were cleared of all charges then what national security risk do they pose? Alternatively, if evidence was found that suggested they posed a threat to national security shouldn’t they face trial here? Presumably we’re supposed to believe that the only thing that prevented charges being laid was insufficient evidence. Unless details of intelligence now leading to their deportation are revealed this risks looking like the Home Office trying to divert attention from more anti-terror arrests that don’t end with charges being laid.

Two men remain in custody.