Mock the vote

Posted in politics by allovermcr on June 3, 2009

With more time it’d have been nice to have been able to give a thorough dissection of the crap forced through our doors in the name of tomorrow’s north west Euro elections.

Sadly, AOM’s been too busy following the expenses revelations of Greater Manchester MPs to hit the keyboard, but as a token gesture, an award for the worst Euro election flyer seen in these parts.

Never ones to lose a contest to a bunch of pansy, left-wing nonces (like Ukip…) without putting up a good fight, the BNP made a valiant effort with their imaginary voters. In the end, though, they had to be disqualified from the contest under regulation 4.3: that the prize can’t be awarded to far-right boneheads.

So, with the field wide open it was for No2EU to step up to the mark with their poor, poor rip-off of the Saatchis’ famousĀ  ‘Labour Isn’t Working’ poster. Under an ever so original slogan – ‘The European Union Isn’t Working’ – an image that frankly looks more like the queue outside a city centre Greggs than a dole line.

Your election material isn't working

Your election material isn't working

Congratulations then to No2EU, who win a copy of Desktop Publishing and Design for Dummies in the hope that they might be able to learn a trick or two before the next Euro elections.

In the mean time, please remember: under the proportional representation system used for these elections, every vote for a party other than the BNP (even for a party that can’t come up with an original leaflet design) is a vote that helps keep the far right out. Make the time to vote tomorrow.